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New Release: eHelp v1.0.0.12. Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Posted by Julia Kedward on 30 June 2017 01:46 PM

ESI is pleased to announce updated feature information for eHelp.


What was updated?

The following eHelp pages have been updated with new and improved information regarding SIM Ring (Find Me/Follow Me).

  • ePhone7
  • ePhone4
  • 45SIP
  • 30SIP
  • ESI Dashboard 


How do you upgrade?

An upgrade is not necessary. The updated pages are available NOW!

If you experience any issues with eHelp please let us know by sending an email to Product Management via

ESI Cloud Services

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New Release: ESI Dashboard v1.2.17, 7:00 PM CST on Friday, June 30, 2017
Posted by Julia Kedward on 30 June 2017 11:18 AM

ESI would like to inform you that at 7:00 PM CST on Friday, June 30, 2017 the ESI Cloud Dashboard will be upgraded to version 1.2.17. 

Click here for details. 

During the upgrade window, access to the ESI Dashboard will be limited.

If you have any question or concerns please contact ESI Technical Support at 800-850-2151 or open a ticket at 

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eHelp Update: Link to ESI Services Status
Posted by Julia Kedward on 19 June 2017 12:36 PM

ESI is pleased to announce an important addition to eHelp.


What was added?

eHelp now contains a link to ESI Services Status. When clicking this link, in the upper right corner, a new webpage will open. This page will give you a status of ESI services and planned maintenance.


How do you upgrade?

An upgrade is not necessary. The Services Status link is available NOW!

If you don't see the Services Status link, clear you browsing history cache, and try again.


If you experience any issues with eHelp please let us know by sending an email to Product Management via

ESI Cloud Services

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New Releases: ePhone7 and ePhone4 now available
Posted by Eddie Weakley on 16 June 2017 05:24 PM

Hello valued customer,

  • Product development is excited to announce a new build for the ESI ePhone7 and ESI ePhone4.


APK 1.3.13 and SYS 2.3.13

  • ESI will update all ePhone7 phones after 8pm CST


  • We have increased our contact scrolling speed by removing unnecessary weight. 

  • Photos and large alpha lettering has been removed from contacts, history and voicemail.

  • ePhone7 now uses a new popup when it receives an intercom call from another coworker.

  • We also squashed some bugs related to brightness, dimming, call park and registration.



  • In order to obtain this new software, please reboot your ePhone4 at your earliest convenience. 


  • We know what it's like to wonder if a coworker is on the phone, we have made updates to ePhone4 to ensure that the presence status is always up to date and sync'd across your domain.

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We wanted to let you know that ESI's has a planned regular maintenance window June 9th, 2017 9:00PM CST - June 10th 1:00AM CST  
What are we doing?
We have been working on an intermittent issue related to voicemails not showing up or showing up late. 
  • We have resolved this sync issue related between our servers and now need to synchronize all voicemail boxes across all platforms to eliminate various voicemail issue. (missing voicemail, voicemails being redelivered..etc)
  • Some customers may experience old voicemails that had been marked for trash reappeared as NEW. We expect this number to be low, if you are affected by this and would like ESI to help please open a ticket.
- ESI Cloud services
ESI Status's Page is a real-time, live 24/7 health check of all things ESI Cloud PBX. If you’re curious about what’s going on with an incident, check this page

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